DSCC Delegate Appointment Form

All delegate appointments are eligible to vote on matters of the entire delegation, CDP officer elections and Regional Director elections. Only Delegates appointments who are in the appointers district are eligible to vote in CADEM pre-endorsing conference and/or endorsing caucuses.


Staff Contact Information

To be completed by a designated staff contact responsible for submitting appointment information. Please Note: A separate Signature Page must be completed and uploaded before making appointments on this form.

Signature Page Instructions
Step 1: Download the Signature Page
Step 2: Please have the Elected/Top Dem Nominee and sign the signature page
Step 3: Scan and Upload the Signature Page (as PDF)
Once the signature page is completed, signed, uploaded, and the Status reflects "Signed" you may proceed and begin adding the appointed delegates.
Status: Not Signed Signed

Your Appointed Delegates

Delegate ID Name Self ID'd
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Enter Individual Delegate Information

Appointments can reside anywhere in California
Preferred Mailing Address if different from above

Appointee Gender Identification*

At least 50% of the appointments MUST identify as Self Identified Female
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Other Than Self Identifying Female
Appointee is a Non-Citizen
Please check if the apointee is not registered to vote for reasons of citizenship.

We are able to confirm you are a registered voter, but we could not confirm that you are a registered Democrat.

Please go to registertovote.ca.gov to register as a Democrat. After registering as a Democrat, please wait 7-10 days to use this form again.

If you believe that this is incorrect or need further help, please email operations@cadem.org or partyservices@cadem.org

We are not able to confirm your voter registration.

Please double check that your information is EXACTLY how you registered to vote.

If you need further help, please email operations@cadem.org

Please take a minute to confirm the filled information. Do not refresh page.
Once you hit submit you will not be able to add or change the delegates appointments. Please email operations@cadem.org if you have questios or need to make a change after hitting "Submit"